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My Platform

Continue to fight to maintain character of downtown

Burlington's downtown area is a gem, and change must be carefully planned.

Safer Streets

We need more separated bike lanes, better sidewalks and paths, and better enforcement of traffic laws.

Better Traffic Management and Public Transit

Let's harness technology to improve traffic flow and improve mobility by getting more people on the bus.

Deliver Affordable Housing

Inclusionary zoning will ensure new developments have affordable housing.

A Pedestrian Bridge Over the QEW

Let's connect North and South Burlington with a safe, separated bridge - utilizing federal funding opportunities.

More and Better Community Centres

Let’s convert Bateman High School to the largest community centre in Burlington and take pressure off Brant Hills and Mountainside Centres.

Protect the Niagara Escarpment & Support Rural Communities

The Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere is one of a kind and must be protected and we must also ensure Lowville, Cedar Springs, Kilbride and Mount Nemo get the attention they deserve, including better broadband internet.

Better Daycare Options

We need to work with the Region of Halton and Government of Ontario to ensure that daycare providers are given what they need to participate in the new daycare subsidy program. And we need more daycare spaces.

A career foreign service officer, I love my family, playing rugby and quality time with friends. I am learning how to play cricket and how to be a dad.


John Timmis
Chairman, Lowville Area Resident Association

Rory is knowledgeable and well researched on the issues that we face in Burlington. His intelligence, energy and enthusiasm are all assets that he will bring as councillor. I heartily recommend and support his candidacy.


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